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Top 17 URL Shorteners APIs For Developers - Public APIs

  • 1pt - A simple URL shortener
  • Bitly - URL shortener and link management
  • CleanURI - URL shortener service
  • ClickMeter - Monitor, compare and optimize your marketing links
  • Clico - URL shortener service
  • - URL shortener service
  • Free Url Shortener - Free URL Shortener offers a powerful API to interact with other sites
  • GoTiny - A lightweight URL shortener, focused on ease-of-use for the developer and end-user
  • Kutt - Free Modern URL Shortener
  • - Free URL shortener API with up to 50 requests per day
  • - Torrent URL shorten API
  • Rebrandly - Custom URL shortener for sharing branded links
  • Shrtcode - URl Shortener with multiple Domains
  • Shrtlnk - Simple and efficient short link creation
  • - Free URL shortener with custom alias, max-clicks, password protection and advanced analytics support
  • TinyURL - Shorten long URLs
  • Urlmskr - Easy and fast masked, shortened link creation

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Public APIs

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