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Top 38 Social APIs For Developers - Public APIs

  • 4chan - Simple image-based bulletin board dedicated to a variety of topics
  • Ayrshare - Social media APIs to post, get analytics, and manage multiple users social media accounts
  • Blogger - The Blogger APIs allows client applications to view and update Blogger content
  • Discord - Make bots for Discord, integrate Discord onto an external platform
  • Disqus - Communicate with Disqus data
  • Facebook - Facebook Login, Share on FB, Social Plugins, Analytics and more
  • Foursquare - Interact with Foursquare users and places (geolocation-based checkins, photos, tips, events, etc)
  • Full Contact - Get Social Media profiles and contact Information
  • - ]
  • HackerNews - Social news for CS and entrepreneurship
  • Hashnode - A blogging platform built for developers
  • Hashtag - Generate Hashtags using a keyword or an Image
  • Instagram - Instagram Login, Share on Instagram, Social Plugins and more
  • Kakao - Kakao Login, Share on KakaoTalk, Social Plugins and more
  • Lanyard - Retrieve your presence on Discord through an HTTP REST API or WebSocket
  • Line - Line Login, Share on Line, Social Plugins and more
  • LinkedIn - The foundation of all digital integrations with LinkedIn
  • - Data about Meetups from
  • Microsoft Graph - Access the data and intelligence in Microsoft 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility
  • NAVER - NAVER Login, Share on NAVER, Social Plugins and more
  • Open Collective - Get Open Collective data
  • Pinterest - The world's catalog of ideas
  • Product Hunt - The best new products in tech
  • Reddit - Homepage of the internet
  • Revolt - Revolt open source Discord alternative
  • Saidit - Open Source Reddit Clone
  • Slack - Team Instant Messaging
  • TamTam - Bot API to interact with TamTam
  • Telegram Bot - Simplified HTTP version of the MTProto API for bots
  • Telegram MTProto - Read and write Telegram data
  • Telegraph - Create attractive blogs easily, to share [Other domain -
  • TikTok - Fetches user info and user's video posts on TikTok platform
  • Trash Nothing - A freecycling community with thousands of free items posted every day
  • Tumblr - Read and write Tumblr Data
  • Twitch - Game Streaming API
  • Twitter - Read and write Twitter data
  • vk - Read and write vk data
  • Webex - Team collaboration software


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