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Top 32 Science & Math APIs For Developers - Public APIs

  • - Multiple astronomy data sources
  • arXiv - Curated research-sharing platform: physics, mathematics, quantitative finance, and economics
  • CORE - Access the world's Open Access research papers
  • GBIF - Global Biodiversity Information Facility
  • iDigBio - Access millions of museum specimens from organizations around the world
  • - High Energy Physics info. system
  • isEven (humor) - Check if a number is even
  • ISRO - ISRO Space Crafts Information
  • ISRO Statistics - ISRO Launches and Spacecrafts details
  • ITIS - Integrated Taxonomic Information System
  • Launch Library 2 - Spaceflight launches and events database
  • Materials Platform for Data Science - Curated experimental data for materials science
  • Minor Planet Center - Information
  • NASA - NASA data, including imagery
  • NASA ADS - NASA Astrophysics Data System
  • Newton - Symbolic and Arithmetic Math Calculator
  • Noctua - REST API used to access NoctuaSky features
  • Numbers - Facts about numbers
  • Numbers - Number of the day, random number, number facts and anything else you want to do with numbers
  • Open Notify - ISS astronauts, current location, etc
  • Open Science Framework - Repository and archive for study designs, research materials, data, manuscripts, etc
  • Prime Number - Check if a number(s) is prime, or query a list of prime numbers
  • Purple Air - Real Time Air Quality Monitoring
  • Remote Calc - Decodes base64 encoding and parses it to return a solution to the calculation in JSON
  • SHARE - A free, open, dataset about research and scholarly activities
  • SpaceX - Company, vehicle, launchpad and launch data
  • Sunrise and Sunset - Sunset and sunrise times for a given latitude and longitude
  • Times Adder - With this API you can add each of the times introduced in the array sent
  • TLE - Satellite information
  • USGS Earthquake Hazards Program - Earthquakes data real-time
  • USGS Water Services - Water quality and level info for rivers and lakes
  • World Bank - World Data

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Public APIs

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