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Top 17 Currency Exchange APIs For Developers - Public APIs

  • 1Forge - Forex currency market data
  • Amdoren - Free currency API with over 150 currencies
  • Bank of Russia - Exchange rates and currency conversion
  • Currency-api - Free Currency Exchange Rates API with 150+ Currencies & No Rate Limits
  • Currencyapi - Currency Conversion API and cryptocurrency prices, updated minutely
  • CurrencyFreaks - Provides current and historical currency exchange rates with free plan 1K requests/month
  • CurrencyScoop - Real-time and historical currency rates JSON API
  • Czech National Bank - A collection of exchange rates
  • Economia.Awesome - Portuguese free currency prices and conversion with no rate limits
  • ExchangeRate-API - Free currency conversion
  • - Free foreign exchange & crypto rates API
  • Frankfurter - Exchange rates, currency conversion and time series
  • FreeForexAPI - Real-time foreign exchange rates for major currency pairs
  • FxRatesAPI - Real-time exchange rates, historical rates and currency conversion
  • MetalpriceAPI - Real-time and historical exchange rates and currency conversion API
  • National Bank of Poland - A collection of currency exchange rates (data in XML and JSON)
  • - Exchange rates, geolocation and VAT number validation

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Public APIs

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