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Top 40 Security APIs For Developers - Public APIs

  • Application Environment Verification - Android library and API to verify the safety of user devices, detect rooted devices and other risks
  • BinaryEdge - Provide access to BinaryEdge 40fy scanning platform
  • BitWarden - Best open-source password manager
  • Botd - Botd is a browser library for JavaScript bot detection
  • Bugcrowd - Bugcrowd API for interacting and tracking the reported issues programmatically
  • Censys - Search engine for Internet connected host and devices
  • Classify - Encrypting & decrypting text messages
  • Complete Criminal Checks - Provides data of offenders from all U.S. States and Pureto Rico
  • CRXcavator - Chrome extension risk scoring
  • - Hash decryption MD5, SHA1, SHA3, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • EmailRep - Email address threat and risk prediction
  • Escape - An API for escaping different kind of queries
  • FilterLists - Lists of filters for adblockers and firewalls
  • FingerprintJS Pro - Fraud detection API offering highly accurate browser fingerprinting
  • FraudLabs Pro - Screen order information using AI to detect frauds
  • FullHunt - Searchable attack surface database of the entire internet
  • GitGuardian - Scan files for secrets (API Keys, database credentials)
  • GreyNoise - Query IPs in the GreyNoise dataset and retrieve a subset of the full IP context data
  • HackerOne - The industry’s first hacker API that helps increase productivity towards creative bug bounty hunting
  • Hashable - A REST API to access high level cryptographic functions and methods
  • HaveIBeenPwned - Passwords which have previously been exposed in data breaches
  • Intelligence X - Perform OSINT via Intelligence X
  • LoginRadius - Managed User Authentication Service
  • Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) - Programmatic interfaces to engage with the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC)
  • Mozilla http scanner - Mozilla observatory http scanner
  • Mozilla tls scanner - Mozilla observatory tls scanner
  • National Vulnerability Database - U.S. National Vulnerability Database
  • OWASP ZAP - Automated security testing API for web apps
  • Passwordinator - Generate random passwords of varying complexities
  • PhishStats - Phishing database
  • - Generate merchant-specific and one-time use credit card numbers that link back to your bank
  • Pulsedive - Scan, search and collect threat intelligence data in real-time
  • SecurityTrails - Domain and IP related information such as current and historical WHOIS and DNS records
  • Shodan - Search engine for Internet connected devices
  • Spyse - Access data on all Internet assets and build powerful attack surface management applications
  • Threat Jammer - Risk scoring service from curated threat intelligence data
  • UK Police - UK Police data
  • Virushee - Virushee file/data scanning
  • VulDB - VulDB API allows to initiate queries for one or more items along with transactional bots
  • Whoisfreaks - Domain and DNS related information that will equip organizaion with comprehensive threat intelligence and attack surface analysis capabilities for enhanced security


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Public APIs

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