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A Collaborative List Of 1400+ Public APIs For Developers

  • Dogs - Random facts and breed information about dogs
  • Duply - Generate, Edit, Scale and Manage Images and Videos Smarter & Faster
  • Orthodox Church Calendar - Orthodox Church calendar
  • Nekos API - Anime images with lots of metadata
  • BigDataCloud's Reverse Geocoding API - Get rich locality information from the geographical coordinates.
  • BigDataCloud's Phone and Email Verification API - Syntax and Format Validation of Phone Number and Email address.
  • BigDataCloud's Network Engineering API - Get detailed ASN and Network lookup of an IP address.
  • BigDataCloud's IP Geolocation API - Provides fast and accurate IP geolocation APIs along with security checks and confidence area.
  • BigDataCloud's Free API - Get free client-side reverse geocoding API and Client Info API. No account creation and API key required.
  • PDFEndpoint - HTML and URL to PDF API
  • Dattebayo API - Dattebayo: Your Ultimate Naruto Anime API
  • - Free RESTful API for Anime Quotes, Facts, Emotes, Gifs, Nekos, Waifus and More!
  • - News API access to real-time and archive news content
  • HTTP Status Dogs - Dogs for every HTTP response status code
  • Football Highlights - Real time football (soccer) highlights from over +950 leagues
  • American Football Highlights API - Real time American Football (NFL/NCAA) highlights
  • Korea Meteorological Administration - Weather and climate data from KMA
  • Sofiaplan - Access to urban research data for the Bulgarian capital Sofia
  • SearchApi - Real-Time Google SERP API
  • Foxes - Random fox images with multiple different tags
  • facha - Aircraft Tracking, AIS Ship Tracking, Temporary Email Detection, IP GeoLocation, Package Tracking
  • Wibu API - Anime, Donghua, Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, J-Drama, Genshin Impact. All-in-one weebs related stuff api.
  • BlockBee - Cryptocurrency Payment Processor
  • South Park Quotes - Get some quotes from South Park, mmkay!
  • NBA Stats - NBA player statistics and data
  • Italian Jokes - JSON API for getting jokes about Italians
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel - Get episode, cast and crew data from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
  • Corbado - Passkey-first authentication
  • Hashtag - Generate Hashtags using a keyword or an Image
  • - Address autocomplete and reverse geocoding API
  • ISRO Statistics - ISRO Launches and Spacecrafts details
  • Tolgee - Open-source localization (i18n) platform enabling you to translate you app fast
  • Supernatural Quotes - 100+ Supernatural quotes
  • - Create short, temporary, self-destructing links that expire anywhere from a minute to a week.
  • - Convert URLs, HTML, or Markdown into PNG, JPEG, WebP, or PDF with a simple screenshot API
  • Pusher Channels - Realtime features
  • Mux - Mux Video is an API that enables developers to build unique live and on-demand video experiences
  • Vertopal - Convert your files to a variety of formats using Vertopal API
  • Smash - Upload large files on websites, mobile apps, SaaS solutions and custom workflows
  • Zipcodestack - Zip Code API - Free Postal Code Validation
  • Atlas Academy - API for Fate/Grand Order game data
  • DigiDates - Various date and time calculations
  • Kite Connect - Stock market investment and trading platform
  • VatcheckAPI - VAT Number Validation & Lookup REST API
  • NumlookupAPI - Worldwide Phone Number Lookup & Verification API
  • Currencyapi - Currency Conversion API and cryptocurrency prices, updated minutely
  • - Get random news article featuring Elon Musk
  • RandomBigCat - Random pictures of big cats
  • OWASP ZAP - Automated security testing API for web apps
  • Gcore Cloud - Scalable, secure, and reliable hybrid cloud services anywhere in the world.
  • Gcore CDN - Make your app fast and responsive for a global audience with Gcore CDN.
  • Gcore Streaming - Scale to 100+ million viewers and beyond. Stream everything from online games to online events reliably in minutes instead of months.
  • Gcore Storage - S3-Compatible Object Storage is a fast and scalable cloud storage system by Gcore that gives you an opportunity to store and retrieve any amount of data at any time. High-performance storage for use as a CDN origin.
  • Gcore DNS - Fast and resilient DNS hosting service by Gcore. Improve the performance and availability of your online business.
  • Urlmskr - Easy and fast masked, shortened link creation
  • Cohere - Harness the power of language understanding. Join the developers and businesses who are using Cohere to generate, categorize and organize text at a scale that was previously unimaginable.
  • WattBuy - Electricity usage estimations, carbon footprint estimations, and utility data
  • Trading View - Market price, data, graph for brokers and traders
  • Meteosource - Global weather forecasts based on machine learning and historical data
  • GitHub Profile README Generator - Generate an image for your GitHub Profile README
  • DataStream - An open access platform for sharing Canadian water quality data
  • Volca - List of programming languages and technologies
  • HackerNews Node - Api to get related articles about Node.js in Hacker News
  • Gladia - Artificial intelligence API's
  • Prime Number - Check if a number(s) is prime, or query a list of prime numbers
  • Random Identity - Random Identity Generator with custom response format
  • Thames Water Open Data - Open Data from the UK's largest water and wastewater services company
  • Quokkas - Random pictures of quokkas
  • Emailvalidation - E-Mail address validation
  • Blue Archive - Provides Blue Archive characters information
  • ArvanCloud - Enables you to use ArvanCloud services
  • xColors - Generate & convert colors
  • Shotstack - Cloud-based video editing API
  • Shadify - Service for generating data and executing logic to create various games and puzzles
  • Classify - Encrypting & decrypting text messages
  • Clerk - Drop-in React components for authentication and authorization
  • ZMOK - Ethereum JSON RPC API and Web3 provider
  • Zelda - The Legend of Zelda franchise data
  • World News - Search through millions of semantically tagged worldwide news
  • Webex - Team collaboration software
  • Tron Network - Provides various endpoints to interact with the Tron Blockchain
  • The Color - Swiss army knife for color
  • Telegraph - Create attractive blogs easily, to share [Other domain -
  • Taddy Podcasts - Get details on podcasts & episodes, Podcast & Episode Search, Webhook notifications
  • Status Pizza - Pizza for every HTTP Status
  • Spotify - Get details on podcasts & episodes
  • RSS to JSON - Returns RSS feed in JSON format using feed URL
  • Repetiti - Repetiti 3d Printer Management Service
  • PodcastIndex - Get details on podcasts & episodes, Podcast Search
  • moogleAPI - Final Fantasy franchise data
  • Mockyard - Realistic mock data for testing and prototyping
  • MetalpriceAPI - Real-time and historical exchange rates and currency conversion API
  • Met Office DataPoint - Weather data for the UK
  • LanguageTool - Style and Grammar Checker for 25+ Languages
  • iTunes - Apple Podcasts Directory
  • - ]
  • CSGO - An unofficial JSON API for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Atom Finance - Atom Finance provides access to market, earnings and news data
  • PRC Exam Schedule - Unofficial Philippine Professional Regulation Commission's examination schedule
  • Free Url Shortener - Free URL Shortener offers a powerful API to interact with other sites
  • Code Detection API - Detect, label, format and enrich the code in your app or in your data pipeline
  • WhatJobs - Job search engine
  • Threat Jammer - Risk scoring service from curated threat intelligence data
  • Warface (non-official) - Official API proxy with better data structure and more features
  • National Park Service, US - Data from the US National Park Service
  • Website Carbon - API to estimate the carbon footprint of loading web pages
  • Techy - JSON and Plaintext API for tech-savvy sounding phrases
  • Lecto Translation - Translation API with free tier and reasonable prices
  • NoPhishy - Check links to see if they're known phishing attempts
  • - GraphQL based NFT API
  • RPS 101 - Rock, Paper, Scissors with 101 objects
  • xeno-canto - Bird recordings
  • Apiip - Get location information by IP address
  • Wizard World - Get information from the Harry Potter universe
  • Zube - Full stack project management
  • Zoho Books - Online accounting software, built for your business
  • Ziptastic - Get the country, state, and city of any US zip-code
  • - Get information about place such as country, city, state, etc
  • ZipCodeAPI - US zip code distance, radius and location API
  • Zestful - Parse recipe ingredients




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