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Top 19 Anime APIs For Developers - Public APIs

  • AniDB - Anime Database
  • AniList - Anime discovery & tracking
  • AnimeNewsNetwork - Anime industry news
  • Danbooru Anime - Thousands of anime artist database to find good anime art
  • Dattebayo API - Dattebayo: Your Ultimate Naruto Anime API
  • Jikan - Unofficial MyAnimeList API
  • Kitsu - Anime discovery platform
  • MangaDex - Manga Database and Community
  • Mangapi - Translate manga pages from one language to another
  • MyAnimeList - Anime and Manga Database and Community
  • Nekos API - Anime images with lots of metadata
  • NekosBest - Neko Images & Anime roleplaying GIFs
  • NekosPro - Neko images, roleplaying GIFs, & NSFW content
  • Shikimori - Anime discovery, tracking, forum, rates
  • Trace Moe - A useful tool to get the exact scene of an anime from a screenshot
  • - Get waifu pictures from an archive of over 4000 images and multiple tags
  • - Free RESTful API for Anime Quotes, Facts, Emotes, Gifs, Nekos, Waifus and More!
  • - Image sharing platform for anime images
  • Wibu API - Anime, Donghua, Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, J-Drama, Genshin Impact. All-in-one weebs related stuff api.


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Public APIs

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