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A Collaborative List Of 1400+ Public APIs For Developers

  • Validate UK Postcodes - This API validates postal codes within UK
  • Validate Swift/BIC - Validates BIC/SWIFT code.
  • Keanu Reeves Whoa - JSON API for every "whoa" said by actor Keanu Reeves in his movies
  • Harry Potter - API to get data from Harry Potter books, movies and characters
  • Generate iCAL - Generates iCal calendar events that can be used across calendar applications
  • Convert Currency to Multiple Currencies - Convert currencies from a source currency to multiple target currencies.
  • ApyHub - 100+ APIs Simplifies APIS for implement to basics to complex logic
  • - Free URL shortener with custom alias, max-clicks, password protection and advanced analytics support
  • Platzi Fake Store - A fake store API for your e-commerce or shopping website prototype. For testing and learning
  • IndianPincodes - API for getting Pincode details in India
  • Faker - Generate massive amounts of fake (but realistic) data for testing and development.
  • Pika - Image Generation API
  • Jelly Belly Wiki - Data about Jelly Belly beans- flavores, facts, history and more endpoints
  • Chatpdf - Chat with pdf using GPT4 and ChatGPT
  • OkJob - 4 day week job board
  • Canopy - A modern API for Amazon Data
  • Bob's Burgers API - The Bob's Burgers API contains data for hundreds of characters, episodes, running gags, and images from the show
  • NekosPro - Neko images, roleplaying GIFs, & NSFW content
  • Konkan Railway Live Train Position - Realtime data for trains on India's Konkan Railway
  • FastApi Simple Calculator - Math, Stadistics, Conversions, Currency and more
  • Enveloop - Design, host, and send emails and texts. All from one place - with a simple API
  • Deck of Cards - Deck of Cards
  • Brevo Suit - Connection for brevo CRM suite
  • Templated - Automate your images with a simple API. Design in a Canva-like editor and render images with code
  • Techmap's Job Postings - API for International Job postings
  • Softwium - Validate SQL queries
  • Jobicy - Remote Jobs API Feed
  • Resend - Email API for developers
  • OKEx - Cryptocurrency exchange based in Seychelles
  • - Free URL shortener API with up to 50 requests per day
  • JokeAPI - Jokes in multiple formats
  • WebPDF - Work with PDF files via API
  • PostNord - Provides information about parcels in transport for Sweden and Denmark
  • Manyapis - Exchange rates and currency conversion with free plan 50 requests/day
  • BrowserCat - Headless browser API for automation, scraping, and more
  • Whoisfreaks - Domain and DNS related information that will equip organizaion with comprehensive threat intelligence and attack surface analysis capabilities for enhanced security
  • Svix - Webhooks as a Service
  • Proweblook Whatsapp Contact Checker - Whatsapp number validation
  • Proweblook Phone Number Checker - Phone number validation
  • Proweblook IP Checker - Proweblook lookup & Geolocation
  • Proweblook Email Checker - Validate email addresses without sending
  • UniDb - Data that helps people gain useful insight into universities in the United Kingdom
  • Fuck Off As A Service - FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.
  • FyGraph - GraphQL API of latest 1.000+ crypto and 167+ fiat updated every minute
  • adsbdb - Open access to aircraft, airline, and flight route data
  • Sport Highlights - Real time Sport Highlights
  • OpenHolidays API - Public and school holidays for many countries via an open REST API
  • Stephen King - The varied works and characters of the prolific author Stephen King
  • Screenshotbase - Screenshot API, 1000 free requests per month
  • Flight Fare Search - Search for realtime flight fares across destinations
  • Hockey Highlights - Real time hockey highlights
  • API Adresse - Official French address validation service
  • Substack API Wrapper - Substack's newsletter platform now has an API wrapper, for easy access to latest posts
  • QR code Generator - Static and Dynamic QR code generator with custom and unique QR code design
  • - Bundle of Free IP geolocation and WHOIS API
  • Puns - Puns and pun based memes. REST API
  • OpenSea - The Largest NFT Marketplace
  • Kinde - Authentication for modern applications. Integrates in minutes and free up to 7,500 MAU
  • - Hassle-free JSON hosting. Convert your JSON file to an API in minutes at no cost.
  • YADG - An API that scrapes music release data and renders it using different templates
  • Official Joke - API for random and programming jokes
  • Valid Email - Verify email addresses for spam and delivery
  • FxRatesAPI - Real-time exchange rates, historical rates and currency conversion
  • Eden - Get all AI models in one place, e.g. OpenAI, Google and lots more!
  • Random Dad Joke - API for largest selection of dad jokes on the internet
  • OpenAI - Use AI models such as ChatGPT or DALL-E to experience the capabilities of AI
  • Basketball Highlights API - Real time basketball video highlights
  • Dogs - Random facts and breed information about dogs
  • Duply - Generate, Edit, Scale and Manage Images and Videos Smarter & Faster
  • Orthodox Church Calendar - Orthodox Church calendar
  • Nekos API - Anime images with lots of metadata
  • BigDataCloud's Reverse Geocoding API - Get rich locality information from the geographical coordinates.
  • BigDataCloud's Phone and Email Verification API - Syntax and Format Validation of Phone Number and Email address.
  • BigDataCloud's Network Engineering API - Get detailed ASN and Network lookup of an IP address.
  • BigDataCloud's IP Geolocation API - Provides fast and accurate IP geolocation APIs along with security checks and confidence area.
  • BigDataCloud's Free API - Get free client-side reverse geocoding API and Client Info API. No account creation and API key required.
  • PDFEndpoint - HTML and URL to PDF API
  • Dattebayo API - Dattebayo: Your Ultimate Naruto Anime API
  • - Free RESTful API for Anime Quotes, Facts, Emotes, Gifs, Nekos, Waifus and More!
  • - News API access to real-time and archive news content
  • HTTP Status Dogs - Dogs for every HTTP response status code
  • Football Highlights - Real time football (soccer) highlights from over +950 leagues
  • American Football Highlights API - Real time American Football (NFL/NCAA) highlights
  • Korea Meteorological Administration - Weather and climate data from KMA
  • Sofiaplan - Access to urban research data for the Bulgarian capital Sofia
  • SearchApi - Real-Time Google SERP API
  • Foxes - Random fox images with multiple different tags
  • facha - Aircraft Tracking, AIS Ship Tracking, Temporary Email Detection, IP GeoLocation, Package Tracking
  • Wibu API - Anime, Donghua, Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, J-Drama, Genshin Impact. All-in-one weebs related stuff api.
  • BlockBee - Cryptocurrency Payment Processor
  • South Park Quotes - Get some quotes from South Park, mmkay!
  • NBA Stats - NBA player statistics and data
  • Italian Jokes - JSON API for getting jokes about Italians
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel - Get episode, cast and crew data from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
  • Corbado - Passkey-first authentication
  • Hashtag - Generate Hashtags using a keyword or an Image
  • - Address autocomplete and reverse geocoding API
  • ISRO Statistics - ISRO Launches and Spacecrafts details
  • Tolgee - Open-source localization (i18n) platform enabling you to translate you app fast
  • Supernatural Quotes - 100+ Supernatural quotes
  • - Create short, temporary, self-destructing links that expire anywhere from a minute to a week.
  • - Convert URLs, HTML, or Markdown into PNG, JPEG, WebP, or PDF with a simple screenshot API
  • Pusher Channels - Realtime features
  • Mux - Mux Video is an API that enables developers to build unique live and on-demand video experiences
  • Vertopal - Convert your files to a variety of formats using Vertopal API
  • Smash - Upload large files on websites, mobile apps, SaaS solutions and custom workflows
  • Zipcodestack - Zip Code API - Free Postal Code Validation
  • Atlas Academy - API for Fate/Grand Order game data
  • DigiDates - Various date and time calculations
  • Kite Connect - Stock market investment and trading platform
  • VatcheckAPI - VAT Number Validation & Lookup REST API
  • NumlookupAPI - Worldwide Phone Number Lookup & Verification API
  • Currencyapi - Currency Conversion API and cryptocurrency prices, updated minutely
  • - Get random news article featuring Elon Musk
  • OWASP ZAP - Automated security testing API for web apps
  • Gcore Cloud - Scalable, secure, and reliable hybrid cloud services anywhere in the world.
  • Gcore CDN - Make your app fast and responsive for a global audience with Gcore CDN.
  • Gcore Streaming - Scale to 100+ million viewers and beyond. Stream everything from online games to online events reliably in minutes instead of months.
  • Gcore Storage - S3-Compatible Object Storage is a fast and scalable cloud storage system by Gcore that gives you an opportunity to store and retrieve any amount of data at any time. High-performance storage for use as a CDN origin.
  • Gcore DNS - Fast and resilient DNS hosting service by Gcore. Improve the performance and availability of your online business.



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